At Grant+Henley Design Group, we specialize in custom residential and boutique-scale commercial projects. Our progressive design sensibility is rooted in 25+ years of experience in architecture and interior design. We are driven by a belief in possibilities and a passion for creating spatial experiences that inspire and nurture our clients' lives.


Our approach to design begins with you. First, we listen to your words, dreams, and expectations. Then, we give them back to you in a design that resonates with you. We listen carefully to your ideas so that we can craft designs that reflect your character and deliver what you need from your space. Our services include concept and design development, construction documents, project management, permits and minor variance applications. And while other design firms may stop at the walls, we thrive on opportunities to carry our holistic approach through every detail of design, right down to the lighting, landscaping, furniture and art.

Collaboration is the foundation of our creative practice. We have a reputation for being great team players with a style of communication that makes us both accessible and connected with our clients and trades alike. Over time we have built strong relationships with local builders, trades, craftspeople and city officials. We pass along the benefits of these relationships to our clients, ensuring they receive the best possible products and services.   


We present fee schedules up front that are broken down into phases of design and project development, with clear indications for where the money is being allocated. This approach helps clients understand where the value lies in all phases of their projects, while making it easier to make budget decisions and prevent surprises.  


We specialize in boutique-scale commercial design that supports business goals and integrates branding in innovative ways. We create spaces that work - for the corporation and it's clients. From the exterior to the interior, from outside walls to the fabric on the chairs, we design every detail with corporate branding goals in mind. We have a proven track record in designing for business objectives, budgets and timelines. Let us design a space that works for you.

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Email:                                   Phone:  613-291-0252

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 ZIBI: Restoration of Event Space


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